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Family + Work CAN work... here's how.

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Family Work CAN work here s how Planning Fertility Dealing with Loss Early Parenthood Childcare Menopause Eldercare

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Table of Contents 00 Introduction S T NE T N O C 01 Planning Fertility 02 Dealing with Loss 03 Early Parenthood 04 Childcare 05 Menopause 06 Eldercare 07 Conclusion mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 01

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N O I T C U D O R T NI Unprecedented times Or time to look out for those with family responsibilities In this white paper we bring together global best practices for those responsible for employee wellbeing The pandemic has turned working lives upside down In particular employees with family responsibilities have been hit hard More often than not these are our most valuable employees they re the most senior most experienced and the hardest to replace For HR managers and those responsible for diversity and inclusion it s time to lean into the challenges those employees face So what does work We have researched the key pain points and critical life stages for employees with family responsibilities or aspirations to start a family We ve delved into the real life struggles for this set of employees and their employers and we have identified the support that will make the most difference to this cohort We ve reviewed industry standards best practices and most recent trends on how employers can support employees Although our research is global it has been summarised here with a UK focus Read on to see how you can build a happier and healthier workforce mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 02

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E P A C S D N AL E HT The Six Key Life Stages Planning Fertility Dealing with Loss Early Parenthood Childcare Menopause Elder Care when employer support is critical 25m Employees in the UK fight to balance work family every day 9m End up leaving or reducing their hours during these key life stages 03

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Whilst the pandemic has increased the challenges for employees with caring responsibilities those in HR and People roles have also felt the challenge of caring for these cohorts What is the best way to support often senior employees with complex home lives Zarja Cibej CEO Founder One thing we know is that these challenges have finally reached the boardroom and that empathy for these employees has increased We have identified 6 critical life stages that cover family planning through to eldercare during which employees are most vulnerable and need support Benefits programmes now embrace fertility support and pregnancy loss as well as childcare menopause and eldercare The UK workforce is a very tight market yet 1 in 3 employees believe that the only way to juggle their responsibilities is to decrease their productivity or their working hours or are seriously considering leaving employment altogether We also know that out of 32 million UK employees 25 million or 80 are in one of those critical life stages today If employers wish to retain their employees and ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce they need to embrace best practices in supporting their employees throughout their critical life stages This white paper aims to be a practical guide to those looking to improve or build on their current benefits schemes and as a reference paper for all those looking to improve diversity and inclusion wellbeing and recruit and retain top talent Additionally we have identified hero workplaces that offer the best solutions to supporting employees throughout their critical life stages It s not a comprehensive list though If we left you out please get in touch mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 04

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E P A C S D N AL E HT 1 Dealing with Loss 1 in 6 1 in 5 Couples delay having children in order to put their careers first Pregnancies end in miscarriage or a stillbirth 3 Early Parenthood 4 Childcare 28 v 90 3x Of women are in full time employment vs men after a child More childcare done by mothers than fathers even when WFH 5 Menopause 6 in 10 Women say menopause has had a negative impact on their work mytamarin com corporates 2 Planning Fertility corporates mytamarin com 6 Eldercare 2 6m Gave up work entirely to provide eldercare support 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 05

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PART 1 Planning Fertility Trying for a child fertility challenges surrogacy and adoption Dealing with Loss Early Parenthood Childcare Menopause Eldercare 06

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PLANNING FERTILITY 6 out of 10 couples delay having children 61 17 Of couples have problems conceiving Have increased fears and anxiety around their ability to have a family since COVID 19 Life has many challenges and juggling a career with starting a family is one of the pinch points for many families Today 6 out of 10 couples are delaying starting families so that they can advance their careers pre family and create a financial cushion Finding a partner who is supportive of both your career and who will be an equal partner in bringing up your children can also create delay We all know that fertility can decrease over time however some parents struggle to conceive naturally even without time constraints Studies have shown that Fertility issues impact wellbeing engagement and productivity at work Treatments are expensive time consuming and energy draining Partners can be equally impacted though they are often ignored Many hopeful parents including LBGTQ and single parents will also explore surrogacy and adoption as a route to parenthood The pandemic has made long waiting times for treatments and other options much worse mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 07

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INDUSTRY STANDARDS RECENT TRENDS Over the last decade US based companies such as as Apple Google Salesforce and Lyft have started the trend of offering egg extraction IUI and IVF as a paid employee benefit Such support often includes help with with delayed parenthood for example egg freezing Now several Fortune 100 companies in the US such as ExxonMobil AT T Procter and Gamble Liberty Mutual Tyson Foods Northwestern Mutual General Mills and Geico offer similar levels of support Planning Fertility Some health insurances started offering plans with such coverage which some of those employers adopted Coverage varies from diagnosis only to one treatment to multiple treatments This trend has been slower to take up in Europe and the UK This is in part due to national health systems offering some of the above support for free However this is limited and typically slow er 68 Say they d switch jobs to gain fertility benefits 08

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Planning Fertility HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT I don t think that helping women freeze their eggs is a good idea you are basically making them postpone having children I think there needs to be a cultural norm to have these chats early on and be transparent and discuss a plan on how to navigate work and family Merita Ramadani Head of People Operations Payhawk Other employers started offering virtual support such as online or phone based advice and consultations which is more affordable for employers yet creates great value for employees These companies will collaborate with fertility professionals such as myTamarin Carrot Fertifa and Progyny Meaningful progress has been observed in the UK during the pandemic in terms of what is offered to parents to be Fertility based benefits are increasingly expected within employment packages with up to 68 of employees indicating that they would switch jobs to get fertility benefits On the following page you will find a summary of support offered and by whom This is an ever evolving and growing list If you know a company that needs adding or has updated their offering let us know mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 09

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Planning Fertility HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT To remove pressures through planning fertility we provide parental leave at the earliest opportunity coupled with flexible working and a high trust culture Donald Fogarty Talent Lead Attio Tier 1 Egg freezing IVF diagnosis and or treatments Total packages of up to 45k Tier 2 Virtual Support Consultations Paid Leave Counselling Signposting Tier 3 Education Community Content based support Flexibility mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 10

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PART 2 Planning Fertility Dealing with Loss Miscarriage stillbirth and pregnancy loss Early Parenthood Childcare Menopause Eldercare 11

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DEALING WITH LOSS 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage or a stillbirth In the UK that s 250 000 every year In the UK having a stillborn baby pre 24 weeks is still counted as a miscarriage And there is no statutory leave or pay so people take unpaid or sick leave to deal with the aftermath It is estimated that 1 in 5 of all pregnancies end in miscarriage or stillbirth 1 in 4 women are likely to experience miscarriage The chances of you knowing someone or being someone that has experienced pregnancy loss is fairly high yet there is insufficient support or sometimes none at all for employees Repercussions can be wide and long lasting including mental and physical illness Additionally there is stigma or shame to experiencing a miscarriage which means that many often end up suffering in silence If the baby is delivered after the end of the 24th week of pregnancy the mother is entitled to maternity leave and any maternity pay that she qualifies for 49 Of affected employees were not offered leave However there is no leave for the other parent available at any point in pregnancy loss mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 12

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Dealing with Loss LACK OF SUPPORT AT THE WORKPLACE Almost half of women experiencing miscarriage were not told about or offered pregnancy related leave and many felt forced to return to work before they were ready The ensuing increased absenteeism reduced productivity and quality of work then led to them facing disciplinary actions Mothers are only protected by law from discrimination dismissal or unfair treatment for two weeks And even when employers have their hearts in the right place the lack of guidance and training for managers in helping those deal with pregnancy loss means that they struggle to know how best to offer support 35 Of employees who experienced loss felt a lack of support at work 1 in 10 end up resigning 01 4 3

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INDUSTRY STANDARDS RECENT TRENDS New Zealand has been a trailblazer in 2021 giving the legal right to paid leave after pregnancy loss which is yet to be made statutory in the UK Luckily progressive employers have embraced this approach and many in the last year have started offering paid leave for pregnancy loss as well as more comprehensive packages UK based TV network Channel 4 introduced a pregnancy loss policy for its staff in what it claimed to be a world s first It would encompass all aspects of pregnancy loss including miscarriage stillbirth and abortion It aims to support both women and men who have been affected whether it happens directly to them their partner or their baby s surrogate mother regardless of the nature of their loss and whatever Dealing with Loss their length of service It also includes two weeks fully paid leave flexible additional paid leave for medical appointments coaching and therapy sessions and virtual support 24 7 Many companies have followed suit including Monzo Co op Zego introducing a similar array of resources and support Other companies who are also offering up to two weeks of paid leave include Kingsley Napley YuLife WeAgile Bloom Wild Able Cole and Kellog s with a combination of resources This might include having a dedicated workplace policy and guidance support groups education and awareness as well as training for managers in how best to support their staff We offer 10 days paid time off for anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by pregnancy loss we want to show that we understand the pain they will be suffering and that they should not feel worried about asking for help Moira Campbell Kingsley Napley LLP mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 14

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Dealing with Loss HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT Fortunately this is not a conclusive list and is growing everyday as more and more employers realise the importance of providing guidance and support in a difficult time of their employees lives for a healthy and happy workforce Tier 1 Tier 2 mytamarin com corporates Up to 2 weeks of flexible paid leave for mothers partners surrogate mothers Coaching and therapy sessions Additional paid leave for medical care Virtual support 24 7 Paid leave Phased return to work Support groups Education Training Awareness corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 15

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PART 3 Planning Fertility Dealing with Loss Early Parenthood Pregnancy parental leave and returning to work Childcare Menopause Eldercare 16

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Early Parenthood EARLY PARENTHOOD Having a child in itself is the most altering life event Each milestone of expecting a child pregnancy childbirth recovering from childbirth and the early stages of looking after a newborn has its own unique challenges But there is one which is often overlooked or its value underestimated the return to work Full Time Employment Levels of New Parents 100 75 50 According to the University of Bristol fewer than 1 in 5 of all new mothers in the UK and 29 of first time mothers return to full time work in the first three years after maternity leave This falls to 15 after five years Furthermore 17 of women leave employment completely in the five years following childbirth Three years after childbirth only 28 of women are in full time employment compared to 90 of new fathers And new fathers are two times more likely to have gotten a promotion or moved to a better job following the arrival of a child Women who take a career break on the other hand are three times more likely to return to lower paid roles or have lower responsibility jobs 25 Women 0 28 Women 90 Men Less than 1 in 5 new mothers return to work after maternity leave This falls to 15 after 5 years Childbirth is the biggest driver of the gender pay gap mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 17

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CHALLENGES OF EACH TRIMESTER 1st Extreme fatigue Sickness Pregnancy Loss 2nd The many unknowns As a new parent Managing leave Planning a return Early Parenthood First trimester The first three months are usually pretty miserable Severe fatigue morning sickness for the unlucky ones this goes on for longer impacts productivity and engagement or leads to sick leave absences which may damage the employee s record Pregnancy loss is also a reality for many working employees Second trimester For most this is the golden period of pregnancy and that also means it s the best time to plan and prepare Not just for the arrival of the baby but for managing the return to work This can lead to anxiety around change and the implications for career progression can become acute Expectant parents will have many questions how to manage leave planning the return to work managing the physical return coordinating their careers and leave periods 18

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CHALLENGES OF EACH TRIMESTER Early Parenthood 3rd Fatigue again Immobility Having to take sick leave Third trimester Back to fatigue but also reduced mobility Employers are legally required to allow time off for antenatal appointments but if there are complications and additional leave is required this might negatively impact employee employment records 4th Where is sleep Parenting is hard Can I ever go back to work Fourth trimester the baby has arrived and the real fun has just begun As with many other life changes this can alter the way employees think about their work In the UK the costs of childcare can be prohibitive in addition to being complex to work out and manage on an ongoing basis and very emotional These factors combined and a desire to achieve a better work parenting balance makes many employees mainly mothers decide to change their working patterns or not return to work at all If they do decide to return 90 of mothers feel that they were not given formal support during this period and 37 felt so isolated and unsupported that they wanted to resign 19

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INDUSTRY STANDARDS RECENT TRENDS Early Parenthood The Evolution of Parental Leave 1 3 Statutory Maternity Leave 5 Enhanced Shared Parental Leave Paternity Leave 2 Enhanced Maternity Leave 4 Shared Parental Leave Parental statutory rights in the UK provide one of the longest maternity leaves available but that in itself is not enough 1 Statutory Maternity Leave SML and Statutory Maternity Pay SMP As of November 2021 this is leave for up to one year and pay that equals 90 of employee wages for 6 weeks Thereafter it is 151 97 or 90 whichever is lower for the next 33 weeks 2 Progressive employers started offering enhanced maternity leave which meant full pay for periods of up to 6 months 3 Next was the introduction of Statutory Paternity Leave and Pay in 2003 Although the idea was commendable it did little to address the gender imbalance fathers are entitled to 2 weeks of pay also at 90 or 151 97 compared to the 39 weeks that mothers could collect mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 20

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Early Parenthood 4 Shared Parental Leave SPL and Pay ShPP has been one of the largest developments during the last decade Parents can share up to 50 weeks of leave and up to 37 weeks of pay regardless of whether they had the baby or if they went through adoption and surrogacy Shared Parental Leave has come under fire for being fundamentally flawed and seemingly ineffective with extremely low take up rates only approx 2 of eligible couples actually take advantage of SPL We can speculate why 151 97 per week is very low especially as compared with the enhanced maternity leave now offered by many companies And thus continues the trend of women taking the brunt of childcare responsibilities which often impacts their career progressions negatively 5 Companies however are stepping up and have started implementing Enhanced Shared Parental Leave and Pay It is much like enhanced maternity leave but for both parents regardless of gender or biological parentage Although uptake remains slow with the right communications from the top within a company it has great potential 21

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Early Parenthood HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT Fortunately there is an emerging trend particularly during 2021 of companies offering equalised enhanced leave pay and other supportive benefits for both men and women which has been making waves in the recruitment and retention of parents Early Parenting Support In particular newborn or early parenthood support This is a relatively new benefit but one that s vital given how hard the first few weeks and months with a new baby can be Newborn support can be either residential i e provided by residential maternity nurses night nannies doulas or sleep consultants or virtual support provided by the same experts but via virtual video consultations or chat email support Either form of support helps expecting parents prepare for the birth and the arrival of a new baby or it addresses a variety of post natal topics such as sleep lactation weaning tantrums separation anxiety Support at work for new parents has increased dramatically in recent years but is still focused mainly on mums Until it is more widely accepted that dads have and want a role as caregivers it will remain difficult for mums to fully succeed in their careers Debs Ingham EMEA Director How Do You Do It mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 22

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Early Parenthood HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT Tier 1 Tier 2 mytamarin com corporates Equal access to fully paid Shared Parental Leave up to 12 months including adoption surrogacy Phased returns e g 80 work for 6 months with full pay Additional stipends for costs Paid leave Phased return to work Support groups Education Training Awareness Ongoing 1 1 support including virtual corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 23

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PART 4 Planning Fertility Dealing with Loss Early Parenthood Childcare Navigating childcare balancing work and family life Menopause Eldercare 24

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CHILDCARE Navigating childcare is one of the toughest challenges parents have to tackle And it s not a new issue Since the industrial revolution when women began entering the workforce for the first time consistently they ve needed help with childcare The simple fact remains most jobs cannot be done with a child in tow And as many parents will attest even if you re working from home and flexibly during the pandemic or not one simply cannot do both their day job and childcare at the same time While childcare is a joint parenting challenge it s typically much more of an issue for women and employers who want diversity as we mentioned above women still carry the majority of the child care burden 25

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Childcare WHY IS CHILDCARE SUCH A BIG PROBLEM It s a full time job Children are a full time job In fact childcare is the only 24 7 job that is legally allowed to go without a break for years If parents do not have access to childcare they either cannot work or burn out trying to do both jobs It s very costly For a family with two pre school children in London these are their options per year Full time nursery 27 352 Full time live out nanny 52 000 Full time live in nanny 41 600 Part time au pair although not really an option post Brexit 13 000 It s very complex The market is fragmented and massively underserved With so many different types of childcare to choose from from nurseries to childminders and nannies even navigating the terminology is hard It s very emotional Separating with your young child is not easy for either the parents or the child Most parents experience pangs of anxiety about their child s safety their emotional wellbeing etc when they re not the sole caregiver mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 26

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Childcare It s prone to emergencies Life happens and even the most solid childcare arrangements fall through due to illnesses or nursery closures Parents are routinely left floundering trying to juggle work and childcare and achieving neither satisfactorily People mistakenly believe that childcare will be sorted because the child is at school Not so It gets trickier at school age Schools go from 9am 3pm and work is normally 8am 5pm leaving parents short 2 4 hours of childcare Parents require what s known as wraparound childcare However finding just afternoon childcare is notoriously the hardest format of childcare to arrange for Plus schools have anywhere between 10 18 weeks of holidays per year twice as much as most parents annual leave 27

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Childcare THE PANDEMIC MADE IT WORSE The New York Times reported that the pandemic has set gender equality back 10 years Because women tend to shoulder more of the childcare and family burden in order to go back to work they have to find someone to hand responsibility over to i e a grandparent or paid childcare But given the prohibitively expensive nature of the majority of childcare options many women simply quit work and become stay at home mums Bloomberg s Equality research reported that women did three times as much unpaid childcare during the COVID pandemic as men despite both parents WFH The global study found that women on average spent 173 extra hours last year doing unpaid labour looking after their children Blind a workplace chat app surveyed over 6 100 employees from companies including Google Salesforce Lyft and Facebook about being a working parent amid the coronavirus crisis 61 of parents were working three or more extra hours per day to complete normal tasks and more than 50 of working parents were worried about their performance compared to employees without children The childcare issue is not new but it has reached a critical point And while Anna Whitehouse has made incredible gains in her campaign FlexAppeal flexible working is not enough It s not EITHER childcare OR flexible working It has to be flexible working AND childcare that parents need to thrive at work and at home mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 28

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Childcare INDUSTRY STANDARDS RECENT TRENDS The pandemic has exacerbated the challenges of working parents and despite unprecedented levels of flexibility that employers have begun offering it s become very clear that parents cannot work well without childcare Parental burnout is on the rise and now thanks to the pandemic childcare has finally made it into the boardroom Now is the time for employers to act to protect and support their employees And progress is being made Silicon Valley long known for its lavish in office perks has been leading the way in making the switch from fun perks at work to accommodating benefits that support working parents WFH Tech companies such Google Facebook Amazon and Salesforce have been offering employees new benefits such as free back up childcare extra paid caregiver leave and subsidised memberships to childcare and tutoring services as well as flexible schedules and months of paid leave The best family friendly policies in the world will be largely meaningless if working parents don t see them role modelled by others within their organisation We re talking about senior leaders leaving loudly and on time to pick up children or dads taking extended parental leave Clair Hodgson EMEA Director How Do You Do It mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 29

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Childcare EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AND SUPPORT OPTIONS 1 Provide Permanent Childcare as an Employee Benefit WHY HOW The main reason most mothers don t come back to work Because they simply can t sort out their permanent childcare they can t find an affordable solution that is both an emotional and workable fit for their family Navigating childcare i e finding a suitable nursery childminder or nanny whether you have one child or multiple can be a minefield Childbirth remains the biggest driver of the gender pay gap with 90 of returning mothers if they return feeling like they were not supported and 37 feeling so isolated they wanted to resign In terms of benefits to employers this benefit improves diversity and inclusion as it attracts more women and increases employee retention Offering employees support with finding their permanent childcare solution goes a long way in building employee loyalty and increasing employee retention Most importantly it is the benefit that significantly increases diversity and inclusion What does this benefit look like in practice Option A childcare allowances Some companies cover the cost of childcare or care of the newborn as a benefit For example St Luke s offers 5K per year whilst Vitruvian provides 1K per birth Option B allowance for childcare search and setup myTamarin works with progressive employers to provide their employees with a service that includes childcare consultations followed by matching with and shortlisting of handpicked childcare providers either nurseries childminders or nannies They also manage all the admin from HR to legal to payroll This partnership is saving employees dozens of hours and thousands of pounds they would otherwise spend on finding and managing the right childcare set up mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 30

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Childcare 2 Provide backup childcare More common than permanent childcare is backup or emergency childcare with typically 5 10 days per year being provided This is normally offered through a third party provider as opposed to childcare being paid for 3 Build a workplace nursery or creche at office The concept has been around for a while but with remote and hybrid working they are perhaps less relevant The value of this solution depends on each employer and specifically their working models and locations For example employers located in suburban environments to which most employees drive a workplace nursery would work better than for those located in city centres to which employees travel with public transport 4 Offer emergency paid time off Zurich UK introduced a fully paid emergency lockdown leave policy for parents and carers who face childcare emergencies following the closure of schools The insurer offers fully paid time off for employees to help them balance work and childcare This can work for emergencies and thus for limited situations such as a short lock down But employers cannot afford to offer such benefits for more than 10 days Offer even more flexible working Flexible working existed before the pandemic but the pandemic has taken it to the next level But what that means for parents is best case scenario splitting a day with their partner spending half a day working and half a day looking after a child or home schooling This wipes out all free time and quality family life resulting in parents burning out 31

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Childcare HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT Permanent childcare allowance childcare search and set up allowance Tier 1 Backup childcare Emergency paid time off Tier 2 Flexible working is fundamental to the way we work Flexibility is a necessary feature of work to enable us all to navigate the responsibilities of our jobs and then everything else in our lives Mizzy Lees People Director Mr President mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 32

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PART 5 Planning Fertility Dealing with Loss Early Parenthood Childcare Menopause Supporting working women with menopause Eldercare 33

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MENOPAUSE 9 000 000 UK women are impacted by menopause every year The menopause is a physiological change that every woman will experience yet it s not openly discussed in the workplace The needs of menopausal women are not addressed by society let alone in the workplace While menopause is a natural part of a woman s life it still remains a taboo subject 6 out of 10 say menopause has had a negative impact on their work 900 000 women quit their jobs in 2019 because of menopause 67 of women in a study carried out by Nuffield Health Group said they had little to no help or support while they went through the menopause This is despite 63 of women saying the menopause had negatively affected their working life and an estimated 900 000 women in 2019 quit their jobs because of the menopause Almost every single woman will experience menopause symptoms with varying severity With menopausal symptoms lasting from 4 to 12 years and perimenopausal symptoms occurring up to 10 years prior to going through it the menopause is a highly significant occupational health and HR issue While some women won t notice menopause at all 1 in 4 have considered leaving their job due to symptoms It s in the financial best interest of companies to support women as they go through the menopause for the simple fact that women often hit their career peak just as they enter the menopause mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 34

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Menopause WHY IS MENOPAUSE SUCH A CHALLENGE 2 250 000 women find menopause debilitating Stigma Despite the commonality of menopause it still remains a deeply personal subject and one that is viewed as shameful Research shows that the stigma attached to the natural ageing process of female bodies continues to prevent women from accessing much needed support Not only are women embarrassed to discuss this natural part of ageing with managers or male colleagues but they may not fully understand themselves what is happening to them Or they may fear being ridiculed or dismissed as past it Some women report feeling worried that their symptoms will be negatively linked to performance Others believe they ll be discriminated against at work because of their symptoms Physical The physical symptoms of the menopause can be all consuming tiredness poor concentration brain fog insomnia hot flushes urinary incontinence joint soreness headaches dizziness These are just some of the myriad of challenging physical symptoms that women regularly encounter We need to change the culture around the menopause so it s not perceived as a joke Loretta Dignam Founder of the Menopause Hub All of this negativity and misinformation creates a taboo around menopause which feeds the stigma cycle in many workplaces mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 35

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Psychological The psychological symptoms of the menopause can directly impact someone s performance at work brain fog and mood swings for example can result in reduced memory capacity an inability to learn hard to concentrate indecision etc Not to mention the enormous emotional toll the menopause takes the debilitating physical and psychological symptoms can leave a person having a crisis of identity Resulting in low morale feeling isolated damaged self confidence low mood and increased anxiety Menopause Financial There is increasing evidence that women with severe menopause symptoms have a higher chance of becoming unemployed or reducing their working hours Because of the menopause women are being penalised financially Not only is the menopause having a detrimental effect on their immediate income it s also preventing them from reaching retirement with sufficient pension contributions savings and security in later life 34 6 0

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Menopause INDUSTRY STANDARDS RECENT TRENDS The cost of getting workers of the same calibre as menopausal women far outweighs the cost of supporting them through this time in their life Menopause related productivity losses alone can cost upwards of 150 billion But despite this only 19 of businesses currently say they have a menopause policy in place And a lack of visible practical support from management only serves to perpetuate a culture of silence around menopause This results in unfulfilled employee potential stunted careers reduced team wellbeing and talent loss 19 61 would change jobs for support of businesses have a around menopause menopause policy The lack of menopausal support is leaving gaps in talent pipelines It s holding back businesses In order to challenge workplace culture and provide support to menopausal employees leadership teams need to be equipped with the right tools to help their team And the great news is that leaders are beginning to recognise that there s a problem and things need to change While this is an ethical decision rather than a legal requirement the return on investment is enormous FT advisor found that 61 of people would be more likely to change jobs for one that offers support around menopause mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 37

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Menopause HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT A Menopause Policy yes it s that simple Establish an internal policy and talk about it Break the silence around menopause and provide relevant content to support employees experiencing the menopause as well as build a bank of high quality resources for employees to use to support one another Education of others is also critical Businesses that impart knowledge to all their employees and their leaders will be creating open cultures Ones which ensure that all women have the support they need Help managers deliver essential menopausal support by providing infographics that explain the symptoms and the severity of menopause with a guide on supporting measures Symptoms of menopause are personal and can be embarrassing but this is not an excuse to avoid the conversation Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace Yet many are struggling We have arranged training programmes and created a Menopause Hub on our intranet which provides guidance and support to individuals their line managers and colleagues Vicki Tavener Head of HR Kingsley Napley LLP mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 38

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Menopause HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT Tier 1 Virtual support 1 on 1 consultations with experts Via video or text Guidance advice and mental wellbeing support Tier 2 Company policies to include Paid leave Flexibility in hours Tier 3 Content and resources Informational webinars Networks Signposting Raising awareness mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 39

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PART 6 Planning Fertility Dealing with Loss Early Parenthood Childcare Menopause Eldercare Supporting employees with eldercare responsibilities 40

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ELDERCARE 1 in 7 employees 4 87 million employees in the UK are currently balancing their jobs with eldercare responsibilities This figure is predicted to rise to 1 in 6 employees by 2040 due to the ageing population and the increased number of women in the workforce 2 6m UK employees have already given up work to provide eldercare Up until very recently the majority of working people only had child care responsibilities But with women delaying starting a family and with humans living longer than ever before the number of older adults is increasing rapidly and with it the number of workers with eldercare responsibilities is also rising The Society for Human Resource Management SHRM predicts the two growing demographic trends to impact the workplace imminently include Employees with eldercare responsibilities And employees with sandwich responsibilities of both childcare and eldercare This isn t a situation that many people will have encountered before it s a relatively new concept across the board But it s one that will have a detrimental impact on productivity at work if employers don t acknowledge it and put in place policies to support workers with eldercare responsibilities We know that many of our colleagues are informally caring for elderly parents and family members and it is vital that we provide them with all the support we can We have implemented agile working policies and a Carer s statement to help people balance their responsibilities Moira Campbell Kingsley Napley LLP mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 41

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Eldercare CHALLENGES FOR EMPLOYEES Lack of awareness Traditional sources of care unavailable Cost implications mytamarin com corporates Most people are familiar with the undulating demands of childcare Not so much with eldercare though Employed elder caregivers report actively refraining from discussing the needs of their elderly relatives or were oblivious to eldercare issues until a crisis occurs Traditionally the responsibility for caregiving has fallen on women both childcare and eldercare With more women than ever before in the workplace these traditional sources of care aren t as readily available Additionally the geographic mobility of families has increased It s more common than ever for adult children to live at a distance from their elders who need care Eldercare is expensive The burden of it is routinely taken on by family who provide informal care to substitute for formal health care services More than 60 of carers are using their own income and savings to cover the cost of eldercare corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 42

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Significant life disruption Eldercare can often disrupt everything it comes into contact with personal wellbeing family life finances physical and mental health relationships etc Not to mention the effect it has on work Research links elder caregiver stress to an increased risk of depression and anxiety sleeplessness weight gain or loss diminished immunity and a greater incidence of hospitalisation Lack of government support There is currently very limited support in place to aid employees with eldercare responsibilities from the UK government With the combination of an ageing workforce and a declining birth rate it s unlikely that additional outside support for the growing older population will be forthcoming and if it is it will be very limited Caregiver matching It s hard enough to provide a caregiver match in childcare it s even harder with elder care Personalities and other subjective criteria become more relevant than objective criteria making a search for the right carer quite complex It is a really emotionally fraught time for all involved Family Dynamics mytamarin com corporates Family dynamics are complicated at the best of times An ageing parent may be unwilling to accept help because they are afraid of losing their independence and that can make a big impact on an employee s work Trying to get the whole family on the same page when it comes to eldercare is no small feat corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 43

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Eldercare HOW THIS IMPACTS EMPLOYERS Significant employee attrition Increased HR costs Approximately 2 million people in the UK have already reduced their working hours to provide eldercare for an elderly dependent with 2 6 million people giving up work altogether to be full time caregivers Research by MetLife Mature Institute shows the costs associated with having to replace employees who burn out or terminate to provide eldercare full time are in the billions This can include costs caused by Loss of intellectual capital Typically eldercare providers are employees aged 40 45 i e people with the most intellectual capital and experience Decreased productivity A working caregiver will spend approximately two hours per day on the phone coordinating care between a home care agency and medical professionals Unsurprisingly absenteeism is the number one problem among employees having caregiving responsibilities Significant female dropout Women in particular reduce their working hours and juggle work with eldercare and therefore are more likely to see negative financial and or career implications mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com The lost time and impact of additional stress on managers who themselves aren t equipped to manage the personnel productivity issues related to workers elder caregiver responsibilities Increased health care costs including mental health more elder caregivers end up under a doctor s care for anxiety and depression than employees who don t Caregivers turning down promotions transfers or extra projects They might miss meetings or can t attend business trips or take part in career development and education because of their eldercare responsibilities 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 44

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Eldercare HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT 1 Tangible support and allowances Eldercare isn t simply a case of finding someone to watch an elder while the adult continues to work It can mean taking charge of the elder s legal financial and health insurance matters all of which is a daunting task Services needed include insurance that protects against loss of earnings that pays medical expenses associated with illness injury or other health care needs or provides paid time off for personal needs Benefits may also include provision of full or partial payment for services i e legal financial educational or dependent care services Finally employers can pay for elder care costs including back up elder care for those days when the primary care provision falls through 45

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2 Professional advice Most elder caregivers have had little or no previous experience with negotiating the ageing services system Providing information or resources about caregiving health conditions and where to turn for help can be incredibly beneficial for working caregivers This includes professional expertise for assessing the elder s needs eligibility and payment options for outsourcing eldercare and packaging together the needed services 3 Flexibility policies Working caregivers routinely note the importance of both flexible work hours and being able to take unscheduled time off when needed to handle elder caregiving responsibilities 4 Emotionally supportive culture Just like childcare normalising the need for eldercare and creating a workplace culture that provides emotional support from co workers and supervisors in the workplace can go a long way to helping employees feel valued and remain loyal Research repeatedly shows that when management demonstrates an understanding of the value of a healthy family life it can increase employee commitment 46

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Eldercare HOW PROGRESSIVE EMPLOYERS CAN SUPPORT Tier 1 Tangible Support Insurance Stipends for eldercare costs Up to 200 hours of free eldercare back up per year Provision of professional services in part or full legal financial Tier 2 Workplace Policies Paid time off Flexibility of working hours Emotional support An understanding workplace culture Tier 3 Content Resources Information and guidance on elder caregiving Access to expert advice and referrals mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 47

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SUMMARY The challenges of raising a family working and looking after elders are not new What is new is that since COVID 19 employers are much more aware of the need and the advantages to them of offering benefits which really make a difference Especially with regards to wellbeing and family life Despite COVID 19 having turned the world upside down inside out and back to front there have been some upsides This new sympathy for working parents and carers and focus on diversity inclusion and equity provides the perfect springboard to accelerate positive societal changes which may have taken a much longer time otherwise If you haven t already considered family oriented benefits perhaps now s the time All of these stages are the moments that matter and could have an impact on whether someone is able to stay in their profession or not especially if the right support isn t provided There is a war for Talent and attracting and retaining highly skilled individuals is becoming harder and harder and therefore it is becoming more and more essential that employers find ways to ensure employees are able to perform at their best and feel supported throughout these life moments Heidi Eckersley Director Talent Acquisition Kantar mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 48

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Tier 2 Tier 1 Tier 3 Allowances Access to experts Paid Leave Fertility treatments Planning Options In treatment Appointments Medical appointments Psychiatrist Emotional support Counselling Bereavement leave Enhanced Parental Leave Newborn support Enhanced maternity leave Childcare Childcare searches Childcare support Early parenthood challenges Emergency time off Flexible working hours Healthcare Lifestyle support Emotional support Flexible working hours Eldercare Eldercare searches Professional services Tangible support Emotional support Emergency time off Flexible working hours mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 49

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N OI S UL C N O C In the UK and globally there are outstanding employers who provide practical support and guidance for employees throughout their six critical life stages From planning for parenthood to looking after our elders employers have stepped up to the challenges of modern working life As employers it s clear that if you want to make the most impact and get the best return on your investment the six critical life stages are where you should focus your efforts With better benefits in place you will reap the rewards in recruitment and retention We love to hear your stories Do you have more good news around benefits for employees Please email us and we will be happy to share developments and guidance for other employers We can help you to showcase your best in class practices organise panel discussions or fireside chats with fellow travellers in Benefits HR and Diversity Inclusion Policies practices and companies evolve all the time as do employee needs Keep us updated on your HR challenges and how you are responding to them Please write to us at corporates mytamarin com mytamarin com corporates corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 50

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STNEMEGDELWOLKCA myTamarin is helping progressive employers support their employees through critical life stages Through 1on1 virtual support and permanent childcare we personalise support to provide impactful employee benefits Special thanks to our contributors GET IN TOUCH mytamarin com corporates ZARJA CIBEJ FOUNDER CEO zarja cibej mytamarin com DENISE LOH HEAD OF OPS denise loh mytamarin com corporates mytamarin com 2022 Tamarin Group Ltd 51